Burning Fields, Paul Graham

once NZ and AUS start blogging you know it’s bed time 


The Birth of Venus by Alexandre Cabanel, 1863 (detail)

Zimmerman Studios, c. 1970

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Anonymous asked: Hey check out these songs! Tell me if you liked some of these! While I'm alive-STRFKR, vomit-girls, needle-born ruffians,strange attractor-animal kingdom!!!,Kettering-the antlers, all I want-kodaline, youth-morning parade,yoshimi battles pink robot pt. 1-flaming lips!!, reflections-misterwives, holding on for life-broken balls, send the pain on-chromesparks, raspberry cane-youth lagoon, oh no-foxygen. If u like these, I could write up more cooler songs. These are like the basic ones! :)

I love when people randomly send me music because I do that all the time marry me 

Caravaggio, detail from Head of Medusa

Butterfly wing close up, mindblown

 I need to stop thirst following ..



Andy Warhol with ‘The American Man (Portrait of Watson Powell)’ at The Factory (1964)